Welcome to TechTranslation.eu

Welcome to our Technical Translation microsite – TechTranslation.eu.

This website is produced by Heppe-Smith Technical Translation, a German business, to showcase what we are doing to help major clients across the globe translate their technical documents.

What We Do

Simply put: we translate!

More specifically, we control and manage a huge network of highly trained technical translators, and we handle large technical translation projects for major clients across Europe and the rest of the world, by project managing their complex translation tasks.

We deliver technical translations in budget, to spec, and on time.

We have grown from a small translation firm to a translation agency with over 250 registered ISO 9001 translators. We are also DIN EN 15038 compliant.

How We Achieve Excellent Technical Translations for Major Clients

We ensure that the end product is absolutely up to our clients’ exacting standards by insisting on native speakers in the target language.

We recruit – and maintain a relationship with – the best qualified translators on the planet.

Nobody below degree level is able to work as a translator on an Heppe-Smith Technical Translation project.

Who Are Heppe-Smith Technical Translation?

James Heppe-Smith, the founder of Heppe-Smith Technical Translation, is a retired British Army Major. James has lived in Germany since 1992, from where he now manages the business. Find out more about Heppe-Smith Technical Translation at the business website, here.

This is our marketing website where we demonstrate what we can do for your business.

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Types of Document Translated

We translate any document, whatever level of complexity.

Our quotes are based upon an appraisal of your text: the more complex / new / difficult to translate words and phrases your document contains, the higher the price may be, as it will require more work from the translator(s), and more oversight from the project lead.

Once we’re working on your translation project, it is important to remember that we proof read documents before we hand them to you, eliminating errors. Often, this can identify errors from the original document, such is our team’s skill. This level of service is what makes our valued corporate clients return to us time and again, whenever they have a complex translation task.

Types of document translated include:

Language Pairs Translated

Because we have a huge network of highly qualified technical translators, and we have the knowledge and skills to project manage the translation of technical documents of any size or scope, we can quote for translation on almost any language pair – please ask.

Some highly popular technical translation language pairs which we can provide for clients include:

Translating Documents from German Translating Documents from English Translating Documents from French
German to English Technical Translation English to German Technical Translation French to English Technical Translation
German to French Technical Translation English to French Technical Translation French to German Technical Translation
German to Spanish Technical Translation English to Spanish Technical Translation French to Spanish Technical Translation
German to Italian Technical Translation English to Italian Technical Translation French to Italian Technical Translation
German to Dutch Technical Translation English to Dutch Technical Translation French to Dutch Technical Translation
German to Portuguese Technical Translation English to Portuguese Technical Translation French to Portuguese Technical Translation
German to Russian Technical Translation English to Russian Technical Translation French to Russian Technical Translation
German to Polish Technical Translation English to Polish Technical Translation French to Polish Technical Translation

Please contact us if you have alternative translation needs – we have a huge wealth of translators on our books, and are always adding new talent to our roster, meaning we are often able to solve even rare and unorthodox technical translation requests. There is never any obligation to purchase from us.

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Our Team of Translators

We are always recruiting, testing, rejecting and approving new translators, all around the globe. We seek out the very best technical translators, and we pay them fairly, and on time, so that they are ready and waiting for your complex translation job. Our major global and corporate clients benefit hugely from this, as we are able to deliver a highly efficient service, for a fraction of the “in house” cost.

Those looking to work with us, should have a look at the Translation Jobs we have available and get started on the road to becoming a valued part of the Heppe-Smith Technical Translation network.

Request a Technical Translation Quote

There is no obligation to contract Heppe-Smith Technical Translation upon obtaining a quotation.

We will conduct an appraisal of your document and provide you with an estimate of time and cost, which you may choose to accept.

Many of our major clients are repeat customers, operating on credit terms. For new customers, when you opt to select us for your first translation project, we may ask for payment in part or in full. This allows us to establish a solid working relationship and ensure the sustainable growth of our business for the benefit of all clients and customers.

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