Translation of Patent Applications

Because of our network of highly skilled technical translators, we can translate your patent applications, regardless of the degree of technicality involved.

We are able to translate patent applications to/from almost any language.

Because, in our experience, Patent Applications are long documents, consisting of both technical and legal language, it is often necessary to perform more checks on these documents. It is also technically a more difficult translation for us to perform, therefore we attach a premium to Patent Application translations: this premium price does, however, allow you to rest assured that we will dedicate as much time to translating your document as it needs.

When you are paying a significant amount of legal costs, you don’t want to come unstuck because of an inaccuracy in your translation.

Translating your Patent Application accurately is mission critical for your business: this allows your firm to protect its Intellectual Property internationally.

If you are looking to translate a German patent application into English, or vice versa, or if you have a patent application you’d like translating from or to any of the following languages, please Request a Quote to find out how long it will take our team at Heppe-Smith Technical Translations to produce this for you:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Polish

If you have an original or target language which is other than that listed above, we may well still be able to help you – our network is strong, and ever-growing – feel free to Request a Quote for us to produce a translation of your patent application.

See the Documents Translated page for more examples of the types of documents we are able to translate at Heppe-Smith Technical Translation.